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School Notebook


Welcome to our school!
We hope that you find all the information a useful introduction to the school.
Our school is an Academy with a nursery class and we have children between the ages three and eleven.
At Kensington Avenue Primary School (KAPS) all the staff and children are very supportive and kind to each other. Our Head teacher, Ms Cranham is fantastic and all the pupils look up to her. Our teachers are brilliant and they expect us to achieve our best in all our lessons, these are Maths, English, Computing, Science, PE, Art and many more. At playtimes we have ‘Playground Buddies’ from Year 6 who help children who are feeling upset or lonely.
We welcome visits from parents/carers and we would be very happy to show you around the school.
If you would like to meet us and find out more about the school, please contact the office staff for an appointment.
Thank you for reading about us and we hope you like KAPS as much as we do!
Children of KAPS