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Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
Welcome to Al-Khair Preparatory school. Our school strives to deliver an integrated, holistic curriculum that covers all the essential material for Early Years and Primary Education but integrates into that knowledge of Islam. The children are taught their prayers and all the religious obligations incumbent upon practicing Muslims and through a consistent nurturing approach to the teacher-pupil interactions we develop the behaviour that moulds a beautiful Islamic Character and nurtures faith. In this way we address all three of the classical Islamic approaches to Education:
T’aleem – the teaching of knowledge
Tarbiyah – nurturing the whole person
Ta’dīb – the development of good character and strong faith through adab and akhlaq
In addition we ensure that all of our children identify positively with their British Muslim identity, upholding the values of tolerance and inclusivity so that they develop into upstanding citizens that will be respected in both the Muslim Community and the wider Multicultural, Multi-faith society.
We invite all parents who are concerned to see their children develop their full potential, achieving academic excellence without at any time compromising their Islamic faith, culture and practice, to send their children to us. We will be delighted to welcome them into our extended family and to work with them to achieve their goals