Your Local School Uniform Shop For The Past 25 Years 

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Your Local School Uniform Shop For The Past 25 Years


At Bubblegum Schoolwear, we are committed to conducting all of our activities in an ethical manner. We are a business which provides uniform to local schools in our area and have done so for the past 24 years, making us a very well trusted pillar of the community. The materials purchased for all the products that we sell are sourced from national suppliers. All of those supplier relationships are sourced and managed directly through the managers of our company to ensure that the Modern Slavery act 2015 is openly welcomed.

The Modern Slavery Act is a crucial legislation which sets out a range of measures on how modern slavery and human trafficking within the UK should be dealt with. At Bubblegum Schoolwear, we aim to ensure that our supply chain is free from slavery and human trafficking. We do not source from any international companies as although the prices and production of our goods would be signifiicantly lower, we would much prefer to have full confidence that all of our products are made in accordance with the laws and policies of the anti slavery and human trafficking act. We have a zero tolerance system to slavery and human trafficking and we expect all those in our supply chain to consistently comply with our values.


We undertake reasonable steps towards ensuring that the correct standards are being implemented, including warehouse inspections and audits of our suppliers.. When entering into a new procurement process, we aim to check any potential suppliers thoroughly in order to reduce any risk of non compliance with the legislation. It is important for us as a company to know the law and how it affects us, therefore we have ensured that our staff are well informed and understand modern slavery as a crucial human rights issue and to ensure that our policies are appropriately upheld. In order to tackle the issue of modern slavery, at Bubblegum Schoolwear we aim to update various policies such as procurement of new contracts, recruitment of new employees and our code of conduct in accordance with modern slavery. 


Moving forward, we aim to continue educating our managers and staff about the issue or modern slavery in order to highlight the importance of the issue and to ensure that they understand the requirements that are placed on them. We also aim to investigate further and visit any suppliers which have not yet been thoroughly checked to meet our expectations in relation to the modern slavery act, and identify and address any potential risks